Business Travel Tips

Business Travel TipsWhen you travel the world around you, it changes the world within you. That was one of my quotes a few years ago from my travel blog when I was blogging the World Tour. It holds true to this day, in my opinion.

I have traveled a lot these past 3 months, in particular, and am often asked how I do it. How do I maintain my energy, my focus, my connections, my health. So here are my best travel tips – try them, you’ll like them.

TIP #1 – MAINTAIN REGULAR SLEEP HABITS. This is normal for me, anyway, whether I am travelling or not. But when I am on the road, it is critical for me to get my sleep. I adjust to the time zone I am in and go with it. I ensure the room is dark, cool, quiet and normally, when at conferences, for example, I always room alone. I know that many people find great joy sharing a room when attending events. That doesn’t work for me because I get enough stimulation

Some Common Misconceptions About Business Travel

Businessman sitting in an airplane looking out the window

Whenever you come across a business traveler walking around the airport, there are many thoughts that cross your mind. Let me begin by warning you, a lot of these might be wrong.

Business travelers face plenty of challenges. Always racing against time, they are constantly going from one airport to another, catching one flight to another. Lack of sleep, longer than expected working hours and sometimes even skipping meals are what a lot of travelers can tell about their trips. Naturally, it is not easy to cope up with such a routine and only the toughest manage to survive.

Traveling faces a lot of misconceptions. Here are some of the top of these.

  1. It’s Always about Pleasures

Typically, whenever you hear of business travelers a lot of people think this trip is all about pleasures. Of course, all they can think about at that time is a paid trip, free air travel and all the other expenses.

It’s true that most of the companies pay for the entire trip.

Top 10 Business Tips For Newbies

  1. Love What You Do

Top 10 Business Tips For NewbiesIt’s a good idea to select an area which you already have an interest in, for a number of reasons. You already have some knowledge and expertise in this area which is invaluable and you won’t necessarily be starting from scratch. If you chose an area which is already of interest to you it won’t necessarily feel like work, especially when the going gets tough. No matter which area you chose you will undoubtedly have rough patches, when this happens you are much more likely to persevere because you have an attachment, a vested interest and a passion. If you have no interest you’ll be much more likely to throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble.

  1. Prepare a Business Plan

A business plan is not just something which you need to prepare to show to banks for a loan or to investors. A business plan is necessary and useful as it also serves as a guide to operate by. It’s a great way to set goals, measure progress and achievements and keeps you on

Lifehacks to Make Your Business Trip Relaxing

5 Lifehacks to Make Your Business Trip Relaxing

Whether this is your first time to travel or you’ve traveled for more times than you can count, relax. Business trips can be fun. Of course, you have meetings to attend, business to take care of and employees to follow up with. Work does not mean you cannot see new places and meet new people. If you’re visiting a new city, you should take time to walk around and have fun. Here are the things you need to do to make your trip relaxing.

#1 Plan Your Trip

The words sound like a no brainer but seriously plan your trip. If you want to have fun, check events, restaurants, and places you are interested to see online and how close they are to where you intend to stay. You don’t want to spend your trip worrying about missing a meeting and definitely not exploring the city’s transportation system. Take some time before you actually travel and plan exactly where you want go. For directions, you can download Tripomatic: Trip Planner. This application comes with maps needed, so download it to your phone and you’re good to good

Top Tips For Business Travel Safety

If you’re going abroad, do some research on the country before you go. Make sure you have any vaccinations you may need and all the correct documents, and are familiar with the laws of the country. It’s also a good idea to keep up to date with any political disturbances to avoid dangerous situations.


You can never be too careful when using electronics. If you’re working whilst travelling, ensure you have arranged a data plan before you leave so you don’t have to use open Wi-Fi connections – these are not always secure and could result in data loss for your company. It’s also not a great idea to use public computers as again these are usually pretty simple to hack.

Watch your Luggage

Throughout your journey, always keep an eye on your luggage. If you are taking a carry-on, choose a bag that fully zips up and if any of your luggage contains important documents be sure to use a coded padlock. When taking a laptop, avoid putting it in the overhead as it could be stolen or damaged; instead keep it on your lap or place it under the seat in

6 Reasons Not to Skip Your Annual Business Insurance Review

Getting the proper type and amount of business insurance is an integral part of setting up a new business. But once you have your policies in place, and are focusing on the day to day operation of your business, it’s really easy to forget all about your insurance coverage. This can be a mistake however – several years might go by without revisiting your insurance policies, and you could find yourself underinsured and thereby exposing you and your company to more risk than you need to.

There’s a simple cure for avoiding this scenario, however – review your insurance policies on an annual basis, and you’ll always be up-to-date and fully covered. In case you still need some convincing, here are six questions to help you determine if you need a review of your policies. If it’s been a while since your last business insurance review – or if you’ve never had one – read through these and be honest with your answers. If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll want to review your policies sooner rather than later.

Has your business grown since you started?

If your business revenue has

How To Get One and Its Benefits

There are many different management courses that are being offered today to help the businesses to continue to evolve and grow at a consistent pace, and stay competitive at the same time. As the competition continues to grow and many new companies continue to surface and grow, it has become important for the businesses to take steps to ensure they remain future and failure proof to maximum extent possible. This is where the need for the risk management professionals come in. Risk management courses are offered for the business professionals and company executives who are experienced and want to further expand their profile and knowledge and want to grow as professional.

There are many oversight in the businesses that causes the business to suffer in the long run if not noticed early. The small loopholes in the business can continue to chew up the business slowly but surely and this is where the expertise of the risk professionals come into the picture. Risk professionals helps in developing the culture of risk assessment in all strata of the business in a more formal way, so that the employees at all levels are able to discuss it more openly.

The Complete Importing Process

Have you considered importing products from overseas?

In 2015, the United States imported more than $2.76 trillion in goods and services from overseas. The United States is the number one importer of products in the world. Two-thirds these goods consist of material goods and one-third consist of capital goods. Countless businesses in the United States (and abroad) have found that importing goods can save money, offer diversity in their products, and increase contacts around the world.

Importing can be simpler than you think if you are determined and dedicated to making it happen. Although the exact steps for importing varies from varies from country to country, Here is we will share with you the basic procedure for importing products from overseas.

Step 1: Making Inquiries

The first step in the importing process is finding a trustworthy supplier overseas. There are many online businesses who will connect you to overseas suppliers for free. Global Sources, Alibaba, and Forbuyers are several of the largest dependable Internet businesses who will connect you to suppliers and allow you to receive various quotes from different suppliers. Upon receiving quotes and communicating/choosing a trustworthy supplier, both parties will negotiate the

The Effects of Globalization on Both Accounting Profession and Education

Innovations in technology has catapulted the financial district into a global market. Globalization has had a large influence on the way businesses conduct business. Firms are not only responsible for being privy to information involving consumers in their own backyard but also understanding consumer culture as well as economic, political, and legal structures that exist in other countries. Due to the influence globalization has had on businesses, it has changed the expectations that are required of incoming business students and their education. More specifically, accounting students are being impacted by the changes globalization has influenced the market with. These students are challenged more particularly throughout their undergraduate years to understand not only the rules and regulations of GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) but also the standards set forth by the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Within the accounting sphere, the primary focus has been on external reporting which involve the preparation of financial statements and auditing. However, due to the ever changing world of the global market, future accountants are required to possess perspectives that influence both external and internal reporting. The market will continue to change due to the fast paced journey of information making globalization an

7 Assets That Followers Desire in a Leader

Every follower is attracted to a leader who possesses these qualities:

A – Calling – Few things are as compelling to followers as a clear calling in the life of a leader. Someone who has received and accepted a calling usually possesses vision, passion, energy, and commitment. Having the calling first really helps with the direction that you should go.

B – Insight – People respect a leader who has keen insight, who has the wisdom to see the real issue in any situation, and who can see what’s ahead. Again, the direction is clear and so easily known if you also have insight.

C – Charisma – People are attracted to leaders who make them feel good about themselves. The term charisma has two senses: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others, and a divinely conferred power or talent. As regards sense 1, scholars in political science, psychology, and management use the term “charisma” to describe a particular type of leader having “symbolic leader influence rooted in emotional and ideological foundations”. Charisma really does inspire others.

D – Talent – Followers are attracted to people with talent. Actors and musicians

Top 10 Tips to Follow for Great Business Productivity

Productivity means a combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts. Maintaining the productivity throughout the work is a great challenge and bringing the best of our work within the timeframe is crucial. Productivity can be continuously improved and by following some of the basic tips, one can achieve the target more easily and continuously.

Below stated are a few simple but effective tips that you need to follow, if you are running a business and want to attain more productivity out of your efforts and efficiencies:-

  1. Fine help / Delegate tasks accordingly- taking a large task alone is not possible. You must need some kinds of help from others. In order to get help from others, you need to trust your colleagues/subordinates in helping you to complete your work. If you tell your colleague about the deadline of the project, then they will take it very seriously.
  2. Do not dwell into unnecessary meetings- time management is the most important part of getting the maximum benefits of your work. Try not to waste time behind unnecessary stuffs. You must know to shortlist the most and least important meetings and conversations to carry on your

The 7 Forces Of Business Mastery

Starting with the end in mind, I want you to envision consistently creating raving fans and a raving culture for your business. Everything you are doing is to accomplish this goal.

  1. Know where you really are. Create a business map to get from where you are to where you want to be.
  2. Constant, Strategic Innovation. All business fundamentally comes down to 2 core things. Marketing and Innovation. These are the only 2 things that make money in any business.
  3. Constant and Never Ending Improvement of World-Class Marketing and Product Promises. Your products and services must be the best.
  4. Constant and Never Ending Improvement of Sales Mastery Systems. Do you use a system to succeed?
  5. Constant Anticipation for the power of financial and legal analysis. Most people don’t pay attention to this until it is too late. Every successful business needs advisers for legal and financial issues.
  6. Constant Optimization and Maximization. Draw out the experience your customer goes through and see where you can add more value to this process. Most people are blind to advertising because we are bombarded by it. People will remember the experience they have and how they felt after interacting with you.
  7. Constantly Create Raving Fans and Culture. People

Words From The Wise

If you have your own business, you know how tough it is to keep it afloat. Ever felt like you needed to do more? Or you’re missing on something? We’ve tallied down some handy tips from the big guys who used these in making their success stories.


Communication is important in every aspect in life and business is definitely no exception. You’ll find yourself being yelled at by customers or having a petty fight with your co-workers or employees and the key to everything is to have a sit-down or phone call and just talk it out to find a way of solving the problem. Never solve problems through emails or text messages. Call your customer up and find a way to solve the issue by communication.

If It’s Not Written, It’s Not Done

Documentation is important and this can’t be stressed enough. Contracts are very essential in any business. If you’re making a deal with a client, it’s not actually a “done deal” if it’s just agreed upon through a handshake; take the time to clarify terms with the client and have a lawyer create a contract which can be modified by

10 Tips to Build Terrific Virtual Teams

Having tried and tested principles to guide you through the mire of leading virtual teams- technical and non-technical alike.

You know, the kind of teams that are used to operating within geographical, functional or individual silos, don’t communicate with each other and so on..

Here are the 10 top tips that can turn make a difference to how teams relate to others, which is as important as technical savvy if you want to achieve results.

  1. Identity:

Establish team identity – be it through the project they are working on or the IT organization they are member of – through a clear and simple mission statement.

Companies often think that the IT teams are so absorbed by the technical world, that they have no interest in what they’re doing it for, when actually they often appreciate being guided. This can instill a sense of purpose, which, when incorporated into identity and mission can be highly motivational.

  1. Common goals:

Establish clear and measurable goals, milestones etc. for the team as a whole and the individuals within the team.

  1. Effective organization:

Define a clear organization, roles &

Naming Your Business

Naming your business with an appropriate business name is the most significant step in starting a new business. A good product or service backed up with a smart name can quickly make your business the talk of the town.

Naming your business can sometimes become a complex process. There are choices to make and there is no single, exact solution.

Here are some dos and don’ts to help you create the right name for your business.

  1. Make your business name memorable and easy to remember. It should be short, easy to say and easy to spell.
  2. Stay away from unfamiliar words or tongue twisters. It is easy to make a mistake and forget this rule as you would want to create a business name that is unique and stands out in the crowd.
  3. The name should have a good tone and be flexible so that you can add new products or services without having to change the business name.
  4. While naming your business keep in mind that good business names have positive visualization, the name you choose should remind customers about something pleasurable.
  5. Create a name that expresses something related to your business. Use a word that is associated with something your customer will love. Find expressions

How Systems Facilitate Business Growth

A business can be viewed as a collection of inter-related systems. And the creation and management of those systems is the process of building a business.

Why Systems Are Critical to Business Growth

Systems are the only way to build a sustainable business and here is why:

  1. Systems are predictable
  2. Systems allow for delegation
  3. Systems can be measured
  4. Systems can be improved
  5. Systems can be scaled
  6. Systems can be automated
  7. Systems create a business that you can sell

Let’s look at these concepts in more detail and see how they fit together.

  1. Systems are predictable

If you have systems in place you know what’s going on inside your business. Without systems all you have is chaos and you’re reacting on a daily basis to what’s happening in your environment.

This predictability also means that your customers or clients know what they are going to get from your business. You can repeat your product or service delivery again and again and again. This builds trust with your customers and encourages them to keep coming back for more.

  1. Systems allow for delegation

With systems, you can train other people to operate them. Delegation allows

Avoid Fires in the Workplace With Properly Trained Employees

As a truly hot topic in the workplace, and everywhere fire safety should be addressed regularly throughout the year. Fire can ruin jobs on a small scale, but on a larger one can result in injury and death. These are huge risks that most aren’t willing to take once presented with the possible outcomes.

Many places of employment that are destroyed by fire never get rebuilt, that is a sad fact. So why take the risk? Making a plan for addressing fire safety that includes regular fire extinguisher testing and training is crucial.

Preventing Fires is More than Testing Fire Extinguishers

Chances are one has experienced a fire at some point in their lives whether directly, through a friend or family member or via a business nearby suffering fire damages. Fire prevention is the job of everyone, and all should be aware of things that typically cause fires so they can relay any issues and have them corrected immediately.

Lessen Clutter

With proper workplace housekeeping that includes getting rid of clutter, one can prevent many of the factors that contribute to include improper fuel storage, blocking exits and lack of proper emergency equipment.

Important Tips for Workers in Wastewater Treatment

Working in the wastewater field can be said to be a very difficult and hazardous profession. There have been many health and safety warnings in the past that have very well highlighted all the mishaps occurred until now. The workers who are always engaged in this activity are the ones who are prone to many risks. Thus a few important tips must be followed especially by these workers. If you have any near or dear ones working in such plants, you can pass on this useful information to them.

  1. Vaccination

A vaccination can be extremely helpful. This is because water borne diseases have always been a cause of concern. Vaccinating the workers can be a great step forward and there is always a way to avoid such harmful diseases. If you know people who work in these areas, make sure that you check on their vaccination from time to time.

  1. Washing of hands frequently

All workers in these plants should obviously wash their hands as regularly as possible. Anti- bacterial soap must also be used in order to get rid of the bacteria and harmful germs effectively.

  1. Protect all open cuts

What Are the Advantages of Being Certified

The moment you start with your business, you build a dream that you have been seeing since a long time. An entrepreneur is not made overnight; there are thousands of efforts that you put to start your own firm and then fuel it with hard work to watch it blossom.

But how do you make the best of your company? How do you know if your company is good enough? Even if you know that your company is good, how do you prove it?

It’s easy – with the help of an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificate, you not only understand about your own strengths, but also make your customers realize how good you are.

If you are wondering about the advantages of being certified, here are some of them that would enlighten your mind:

  • It acts as a competitive advantage for your company: If you have a lot of competitors in the market, it is time for you to beat the race by getting your company certified. Your firm is certified when it meets all the requirements and when they are met, your business works smoothly and far more effectively than ever

What Neuroscience Can And Cannot Do For Your Business

One ‘camp’ says that neuroscience is the next great thing for business and can be applied to everything from marketing to training; and another camp warns that we should be wary of applying it because much of the science is, in fact, pseudoscience.

Business leaders could be forgiven for feeling a little confused. Who’s right?

Let’s take a look at what neuroscience CAN and CANNOT do for your business.

Limitations of neuroscience

Before we look at where neuroscience may be applied meaningfully to business, it’s important to consider the limitations.

Firstly, while the brain and nervous system has been studied for centuries, it’s only in the past decade or so that imaging techniques (functional MRI or fMRI) have become widely enough available to consistently image the brain. This has, in many cases, replaced observational neuroscience, and the use of surveys for gathering information.

It’s worth remembering that the main impetus behind the growth of neuroscience has been to better treat illnesses and to understand the workings of the brain for clinical purposes – not to help motivate staff, improve business strategy, or to sell more products.

The science should be considered